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10 acres. 10 months. $1 million. Please help us save our Forever Home!

Because every life, no matter how damaged, can become whole again


Equine assisted therapy | Academic intervention | vocational training | mentorship

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Based on the lives of the girls in the program and the miraculous healing that take place here


Our Girls are awesome.  

We love them. They are beautiful and amazing. They inspire us everyday. However, it doesn't always look that way in the beginning. Our girls have all had a "tough Go"at life for one reason or another.  They have been dealt a bad hand.  They are "acting out" or "acting in". 80% of our girls have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma--

They are hurting. 

Referral sources

Wake County Human Service | Department of Juvenile Justice | Wake County Public Schools | Haven House | Local Police Departments

To submit a referral or for questions about a referral please email

Letting my emotions out with my horse has taught me to be myself. I want to work on staying out of trouble because staying out of trouble gives me time to do things that I like to do instead of getting consequences.
— From our youngest participant
I thank God and CORRAL for helping me find my baby again, for helping her find her voice and for showing her a different way of going about things. Her path is a lot brighter and she’s beginning anew. I can’t do it alone, and I am asking for your continued help to give her a better way.
— From the mother of a participant
My life may not be going as well as I would like it to be, but I don’t know where I would be if I did not participate in this program. I cannot promise that by staying in this program I will always make the best decisions, but I promise that I will try my absolute hardest.
— From our oldest participant
I have a place where I belong and it’s here that I have a family I can count on. I feel loved and accepted and I didn’t realize until today that, inside myself, I deserve to live.
— A recent breakthrough by one of our participants

Our horses are all rescues.  The have experienced abuse, neglect and trauma just like our girls.  We partner each girl with a horse. 

They heal together

They both learn "I can be whole again"




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